Doing Something

August 15th, 2006 by Justin Leave a reply »

In relation to my post below on the likelihood of liquid explosives being built on planes I’d like to address something that I’ve seen a lot of over this weekend.

The insistence that we must do something to combat this new threat.

I’m not dumb and I realize that we must react to the conditions around us as human beings to ensure our continued survival but I’m prejudiced against letting a government body make those decisions for me. Frankly, government bodies aren’t known for their critical thinking abilities.

I really do believe that the American public figured out the answer to this new wave of terrorism within the first hour after the first WTC tower was struck: If somebody is fucking around with a plane you kick their ass.

It’s unfortunate that Flight 93 went down over Pennsylvania, but the passengers did that they had to do. They figured out that the game had changed and acted appropriately. Given the same people in the same situation one day later (if not even a few hours) I highly doubt that Flight 93 would have ever gone down. They’d have started kicking ass earlier; well before those asshats took control of the cockpit.

That’s the answer to this problem, not forcing people to dump out drinking water before they board a plane.

Hell, since 9/11 we’ve seen people do exactly that. There was a report some time ago about a fellow (veteran of Iraq II actually) trying to bust down a cockpit door. The passengers took him down. We’re Americans — that’s what we do. If we feel that you pose a threat to us we’re going to fuck you up. We live in a nation where carrying a loaded handgun is considered a right. We’re starting to pass laws across the country permitting lethal force without the duty to retreat.

Frankly I don’t see why our government expects us to act like a bunch of dickless pussies when we board a plane. Further, I don’t understand why the populace as a whole feels it’s prudent that we do and that our safety should lie in the hands of government agents incapable of telling the difference between H2O and HCl.

I’m no hero, and I’m not even particularly brave, but damned if I don’t get on a plane with the understanding that as a decent American that values human life I might need to assist in putting the hurt on some asshole that tries fucking with the plane.

Fuck security screening. You put me on a plane where I know that at least 3 other men are willing to drop fists, knees, elbows, and a good choke hold and I’ll figure I’m pretty safe. I want no part of any system that would take a juice-box from a child based upon the prediction that I, as an American male, would be a dickless pansy unwilling to stop some yahoo from constructing a bomb or doing anything else to jeopardize the other souls on that plane.

An empty water bottle is a symbol. An honest man willing to visit violence upon a terrorist is a real testament to safety.



  1. Josh says:

    I recently visited the state of New Hampshire and all of New England. Little did I know, but New Hampshire is the closest to the last true “free” place I’ve found yet. Their license plate even says “Live Free or Die”. Their capital building had wide open doors, with no security checkpoint. You could just walk right in. They don’t have mandatory seat belt laws amoung other non-nanny things. I really felt that this was more of the true spirit of America that “should be” than any state I’ve seen yet. I didn’t even know a place like that could still exist here in America, but it does.

    I’m with you on the liberty aspect of our rights vs terrorism. As Patrick Henry said … give me liberty or give me death.

    One of my stops was Boston and I saw a great bit of history regarding our birth from Britian, the “Sons of Liberty” such as the grave of Samuel Adams and John Hancock, and while I stood over their graves with a tear in my eye and a fluttering sense of shame of our current government, I remembered a rough version of this quote …

    “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

    Long live the resistance.