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Heck Of A Year

June 26th, 2007

I was just outside playin Frisbee with Chuck Norris when something hit me: It’s been one helll of a year.

Two days from now will be 11 months that I’ve been with the girlfriend. Since this time last year I’ve:

  • (July 16): Loaded up my Jeep with my buddy Josh, ump-teen firearms, a couple thousand rounds of ammo, and ventured out to Dillon Montana to meet the man behind KT Ordnance after being raided by the BATFE.
  • (June 28): Landed one hell of a girlfriend.
  • (December 2): Got a cat together:

    Murphy thinks he’s Jesus
  • (December 15): Got a house:
  • (December 16): Drove to Florida to go fishing in the Keys with my family:
  • (Janurary 2): Lost my job.
  • (Janurary 21): Got a dog:

    Chuck Norris rocks!
  • (Feburary 15): Got a new job
  • … and a whole bunch of little things since then like painting the kitchen, getting the living room painted, buying new furniture for the place, going to Traverse City for a weekend, having some of the girlfriend’s family stay with us, biking to Big Rapids and back, and God only knows what else I’ve forgotten.

If the next 12 months are less eventful than the past 12 were that’s fine, but I doubt they will be.

That’s a Little Better

June 24th, 2007

It’s nice living all of 2.5 minutes from the range. On a whim I packed up a couple of pistols and decided to try and get some semblence of competency back.

So, after 200 rounds from the Walther P22 I transitioned over to my trusty CZ-75B and dumped 30 rounds of 9mm down range, one second or so between each shot:

(Click for hi-res version)

It’s by no means great, and I can see that I still have a bit of a trigger pull issue combined with a varying flinch, but it’s a heck of a lot better than missing a paper plate at 7 yards!

Kickass Range Trip

June 24th, 2007

I got a chance to hit the range Saturday with my project manager from work and his teenage son. I love trips like that.

We kept it to rifles for the most part; shooting the AR-15, AK-47 clone, and Marlin 1894C on the 25 yard line. No need to test our marksmanship here — we’re just trying to get them familiar with the different weapons and have some fun with them.

I’ve never shot my 1894C and AR-15 on the same range session before. It was interesting. I never realized it but I’m much better with the AR’s sights than the buckhorn sights on the 1894C. I guess I really should look into putting a peep on that thing.

There was a little bit of pistol play too. They brought out a Ruger Mark series target pistol and I had my Walther P22 and S&W 1911SC. Once again I saw a horrible flinch on my part with the 1911. I can see why S&W discontinued that series now. Weighing in at 28oz it can be a bit punishing on the hand. I looked up the technical specs on my Glock 21 last night and found that it tips the scales at 26.28 oz unloaded. Barely any difference between the two in felt recoil.

So, I’m starting to think that I should try and find somebody that’d trade me a good steel 1911 for my Glock 21.

Tech Tip: Master Page selection in Visual Studio 2005

June 21st, 2007

Here’s an issue that wasted a couple of hours of my time over the past few weeks. I feel silly about it now that I know what the issue was, but don’t feel like I’m an idiot now that I know what was going on.

I’m working with a VS 2005 Solution that involves a couple of Projects under it. On one hand we have the ‘Application’ project which utilizes the VS 2005 “master page” technology, which I find to be quite satisfactory. Another project under said solution is the ‘Reports’ part where we’re building SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports.

So, I’d work on building up a report, deploy it, test it a bit, then add a new Web Content Page to the Application project. Upon adding said page I’m prompted to pick the Master Page that the form will inherit from but the damned IDE kept asking me to pick a Master Page from the Reports project! That didn’t make fuck-all of any sense — I’m adding a page to the Application project, so why the fuck isn’t it asking me to pick a Master Page from that?


I’d shut down the IDE, reboot, and try all manner of things until magically adding a new Web Content Form to the Application project prompted me to pick a Master Page from the Application project. It just wasn’t making any sense. So, I sat down and tried to figure this out, paying attention to detail.

Long story short, eventually I found it.

When you’re adding a new Web Content Form to a project under a solution VS 2005 doesn’t look for the Master Page in the project you’re adding said form to. Further, it doesn’t look to the project you’ve set as the default start-up project. No, what it looks at is the project of that last thing that was in the editor!

I shit you not.

So, if you’re working on a report in the Reports project and want to add a Web Content From to the Application project to display said report then you’ve got to open up something form the Application project before you do so in order to find the right Master Page.

It’s logical, but stupid, and far less than intuitive.

Hopefully somebody stuck in the same situation will find this post and figure it out. I know I was confused.

That Was Awkward

June 20th, 2007

Funny story. Well, funny to me and to the woman.
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Say it ain’t so, Sam

June 20th, 2007

Looks like there’s a movement to tighten up Swiss gun laws.

Bummer. I’ve always thought the Swiss had a really good model for how things could be done.

Here’s something that jumped out at me (emphasis mine):

The initiative is calling for army weapons to remain in the barracks, a national gun register, a ban on private individuals buying or owning particularly dangerous guns such as automatic weapons or pump-action shotguns

Pump shotguns? Shit, we sell those at Meijer and WalMart around here.

Random Fun

June 20th, 2007

So I’m sitting in my living room after work with a wall mounted 37″ LCD TV and a Wii… playing PacMan.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually an adult.

Mossberg barrel report.

June 17th, 2007

A while ago I mentioned that I finally got a a new shotgun barrel and I took that out to the range today.

It’s a 18.5 cylinder choked barrel for the Remington 870 made by Mossberg.

I threw it on my 870 Wingmaster today, brought along 20 rounds of Federal’s “Tactical” 00 Buck and set out for some informal testing. Paper plates at 15 yards.

Well, it works! Pattern spread wasn’t entirely uniform but it was about the size of my hand nicely spread out. My aim, however, was a different matter.

The barrel in question comes with rifle sights, of sorts. The rear sight can be flipped up or down, and this isn’t a configuration I’ve ever even heard of. I shot the first half of the shots with the rear sight down and using just the front post like a bead sight.

Bad idea. All shots landed low. Figures.

So, I flipped up the rear sight, found that my aim was much better while using that, and screwed it down so that it wouldn’t flip down anymore.

It’s probably a great home defense weapon in that configuration, just not for me. At least, not yet. I’m going to have to run a lot more ammo throug it before I can really trust myself with it.

Until then I’ll stick with what I know I can shoot well. The ‘ole Marlin 1894C loaded up with lead round nosed .38 specials.

It’s not optimal, but I can’t seem to miss with the darned thing.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

June 17th, 2007

Took my CZ-75B, the first pistol I ever bought, out to the range today.

After firing 15 rounds at a paper plate 7 yards away it became rather apparent that skills have gone to shit.

Five holes in the target, all very very low.


The easy one to fix was my sight picture. I was taught to use a 6 o’clock hold with semi-auto pistols but that does NOT mean the bottom of a paper plate at 7 yards. Fixed that one after a while.

My flinch was horrible. I ended up dry firing a number of times at the range to try and get rid of it. I ended up blowing through around 150 rounds 9mm in this session. I didn’t intend to, but it took that much time just to get me back to shooting within the limits of what I consider respectable.

What I should have done is packed it up after that first 15 rounds, headed back home, and brought a .22LR pistol out there.

It’s amazing how many times I forget that I should always haul a .22LR pistol with me when I head to the range. I never learn.

Schedule Change

June 15th, 2007

Due to the not-so-sudden realization that I’m horribly out of shape I’ve started going running in the mornings.

Historically I’m horrible at waking up early, regardless of the reason. However, I’ve found something that can get me up reliably these days:


Heh. If one of us doesn’t wake up to let Chuck out within 5 minutes of his internal bladder alarm then I end up with a 65 pound dog’s paw mauling my face.

That’ll wake you up in the morning.