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Paul Helmke Still At it

July 30th, 2007

Paul Helmke still isn’t capable of giving the full picture.

This summer, the New Jersey State Assembly passed AB 3511, a bill that could help put illegal gun traffickers out of business by limiting bulk sales of handguns.

If by ‘bulk’ you mean one handgun a month, then yes, this does limit bulk sales.

Here’s the bill’s text.

Of course, anytme you purchase more than one handgun at a time the FFL is required to file a form with the ATF informing them of a multiple purchase. Which they have been known to investigate.

Biden on Gun Control

July 25th, 2007

If you haven’t seen Biden’s response to the CNN/Youtube “debate’ question regarding gun control here it is:

Reason Magazine followed up with an interview with Mr. Townsend which, in my opinion, makes Townsend sound like less of a nutter than he came off in the video. I get what Townsend was going for, and I like it. I just think he failed a bit when it came to the actual presentation of it.

The Crypt has another followup on the story where we see this:

Biden even told The Crypt he would be happy to go hunting with Townsend, though the senator said he couldn’t equal Townsend’s firepower.

“All I have is a 20 gauge and a 10 gauge shot gun. It won’t match his automatic weapon,” Biden said.

Errr.. what? My .223 AR-15 Bushmaster is pretty far down on the list of “go to” guns because it’s firing such a small, and weak, cartridge. My various shotguns (none of which are 10 gauge) rank higher on that list.

A complete magazine fired from a .223 AR-15 is going to result in 30 projectiles of 22 caliber flying through the air.

On the other hand a bone-stock 12 gauge Remington 870 Wingmaster loaded up with 9 pellet 00 Buck is going to send 45 projectiles of 35 caliber flying through the air.

Makes you wonder if Biden even knows that his shotguns are legal only by the grace of the Executive branch deeming them worthy of sporting purposes.

Proposed 50BMG Ban

July 23rd, 2007

SayUncle brings up a dead in the water Senate bill to ban the .50BMG

It won’t go anywhere, but it shows that the gun ban folks have figured out a few things. Instead of trying to call for bans on items by name they’re learning that they need to put physical limits in them else the gun crowd will work around them. I have mixed feelings on this but at least they’re putting actual numbers behind their fears instead of just pointing at things they find scary.

In this instance they’re worried about .50BMG, looking to classify it as a destructive device, as well as anything that pumps out 12,000 foot pounds at the muzzle. The 12,000 ft. lb. limit is a direct dig against the .416 Barrett which is just a .50BMG necked down to circumvent the California ban on anything that shoots .50BMG.

Rob Allen, over in the comments at SayUncle, brought up the notion of making a 11,900 ft. lb. round. This makes me wonder.

Is it possible to actually make a gun and a round that will never exceed 12,000 foot pounds? Probably not. Gun makers would have to build chambers that couldn’t possibly accept a round that was loaded high enough to break that 12,000 ft. lb. barrier. That’s not really possible. If it’ll run with a muzzle energy of 11,900 for a lifetime it’ll sure as shit take a few hot loaded 12,000+ ft. lb. rounds before it blows up.

This is just another example of a gun being “too much” of something. We’ve got laws against them being too big. Some are too small. Some are too cheap. Some are too light. For a time some were too heavy.

“Too accurate” is going to get trotted out pretty soon too. The .50BMG is already under fire for that one.

Dag Nabbit.

July 22nd, 2007

One of the cats just chomped on my laptop’s power cord and killed it.

I think this is the fourth one our pets have killed in the past 6 months.

NBC On Black Rifles

July 19th, 2007

Here’s a YouTube of it:

Not a bad piece, but naturally I’ve got a couple of nits to pick with it.

The piece alludes to an uptick in sales after the 2004 ban lapsed and pulls in Stag arms to back that up. I’m sure Stag Arms has seen an uptick in sales, but that’s not because of the 1994 AWB lapsing, it’s because S&W has contracted with them to supply their M&P15′s.

In fact, I’d wager that across the board sales of AR-15′s were far higher during the ban than at any other period of time. I didn’t know dick about guns when I bought mine durin the ban, I just bought it out of fear that I might not have that chance later in life.

Items I bought (guns and magazines) covered by the AWB while it was in effect: 22

After: 5

Food for thought.

I’m still amazed that the whole “pistol grips enable one to fire from the hip” meme gets trotted out there. It takes all of 5 seconds to show that this is bull. You can’t comfortably hold a rifle by its pistol grip at your hip. It just doesn’t feel right. There’s lot of upshots to them, but that just isn’t one.

One final nit: There’s no discussion of the AR’s status over time. It was adopted by the military in 1963, and I’m pretty darned sure it hit the civlian market in semi-automatic form in the early 60′s. To be sure it was out there before 1968. Before ’68 you could mail order any gun that wasn’t fully automatic right to your door. Unfortunately I cant cite the actual advertisements, but you’ll just have to trust me that I’ve seen them. I remember a 50-60′s style drawing with a kid no more than 14 in it in an ad toting the rifle as a neat tool for fun shooting.

So… for years you could mail order it right to your door, and then for decades you could buy them in any configuration at the local gun store, and then you could by them sans bayonet lug and flash hider from 1994-2004. Why the emphasis on the post 2004 status of the gun?

I guess that’s too complex of an issue to cover in a little news sound bite, and I understand that, but it still bugs me.

Chart’s Tech Just Left

July 14th, 2007

Soo… I put in another call to Chart’s customer service last night after my internet connection dropped out for a good 20 minutes.

The phone support is pretty much worthless. They can tell you how to hook up your system, that’s it. They’re not good for anything else. Shocking.

So, the tech comes out today. Same one as last time. He does a few tests and relays that the my signal isn’t great. It’s functional, just not great. He also notes that the readings seem a bit erratic. He then uses my computer to check their central system which records signal strength over a period of time. It looks like it samples about every 5-6 hours.

Guess what? Their system has been recording for God knows how long that my connection’s signal level drops off far enough to render the connection unusable!

Wow. No shit? You’d think that when somebody calls up and says that their connection is dropping out at random times that they’d check this system.

Guess not.

So, I moved the modem back one “hop” on the physical cable network as per his suggestion.

Still fell off within a couple of hours.

Time to call AT&T.

Chuck Norris Chasing His Tail

July 14th, 2007

Here’s a video of the dog just being a goof:

Man Time

July 12th, 2007

I ventured down into the basement this evening with the laptop and a Lyman reloading manual for a little quiet time.

I gave the do a fresh rawhide bone and he followed me down.

After futzing around on the internet and browing through the .30 caliber rifle section I left my place to do nature’s business. As I’m nearing the end I hear a horrible racket outside the door. Open the door, yell at dog, then finish.

Sure enough, he grabbed my reloading manual off the table and went to town on it. It’s now missin load data for various grain bullets from .30 carbine to somewhere north of 30-06.

I swear my dog hates guns.

Silly Dog

July 11th, 2007

So… Chuck walks out of the room, down the hallway, and we hear a loud thump. Seconds later he walks back into the room with a new “toy” in his mouth.

His tail.

I think my dog might be mildly retarded.

Charter High Speed Internet

July 8th, 2007

Charter sent a tech out to examine my signal yesterday morning. He says it all checked out. When I asked what was wrong he said there was probably an issue when registering my new modem. Said the system had been flakey the previous week.

Oookay, so then why was it doing the exact same thing on the original modem 3 weeks previous? I’m told it was probably bad hardware.

Right… I see the same problem for two different reasons.

So, he leaves, takes my old modem with him and within hours my connection had dropped off again. In the past 36 hours I’ve had it hapen 5 times.

Time to start looking for DSL.