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I shirked my duties as a member of the Triangle of Death after work today to take a kitten to the vet.

Little bugger has had a cold for weeks and it’s not going away despite the antibiotics we fed him for 2 weeks.

Sick, but still cute.

So, I packed the little guy up after work today and took him in for an appointment. He’s sick, but not sickly. He’s put on 1 lb. 4 oz. since his last visit, which was 2.5 weeks ago. No worries about loss of appetite there. They just suggested putting him back on the antibiotics but upping the dosage.

Other suggestions included getting more fluids into him by feeding him wet food, or maybe some tuna juices during the day. That should be pretty easy to do: The little critter likes hanging out at my desk, sitting behind my laptop, so I can give him a bowl of wet food and make sure that the other cats don’t get to it before he does.

Kinda cool, this whole “home office” thing.

More lovey-dovey pet talk below the fold:

So, I’m at the vet’s office and my 4:30pm appointment sorta comes and goes. It’s just like a regular doctor: You show up on time, you wait an extra half an hour before they see you. While I’m sitting there, way away from from the door lest somebody else brings in a cat and gets infected by my dear little Chewbacca, a couple comes in with their dogs. One was a Sheltie/Rotweiler mix that tipped the scales at an even 99lbs (I watched them weigh him) and the other I’d guess to be about 40lbs, and I’m totally unsure of the breed.

When they approach to sit near me the woman noticed I had a little kitten in a carrier and asked her husband if they should bring the dogs near the cat. That kitten might get spooked, ya know. I told her it’s fine, the cat lives with a dog and has no fear of them.

We get to chatting and she says she’d like a cat, but they’re not sure how the dogs would behave around one. Well, all they did was sniff at the crate a bit. They didn’t paw at it, or bark at the cat, so she figures they’re good to go on getting a cat now. They already have 4 dogs.

Their “little” 40lb dog was quite friendly. He was hopping all about the place on his leash, sniffing at the cat, and when he got near me I reached out to pet him. This resulted in him hopping up on the bench I and his handler were sitting on and basically laying on top of me for more affection. Heh. Cute. The owner appologized, and said that he was shedding, and let me know that I’d be covered in hair if I let him do that.

“We’ve got four cats and a dog at home. I’m used to being covered in pet hair.”

Nice dog. The other one took this as a cue that I’m friendly and walked over to me so I pet him for a bit. Quite docile, for being a 99lb monster of a dog.

Writing this gave me an idea: I freaking love animals. I forgot how much I did until I started living with Theresa and we started building our little zoo here. I just looked it up and vets don’t make bad money, it’s comparable to what I’m making now, and my most favorite job in IT is jumping in and fixing problems where nobody really knows what’s wrong.

I’d probably enjoy the education, or at least find it pragmatic when it comes to learning about my own critters…

Just thinking out loud here.


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