Ron Paul’s November the Fifth a Success

November 5th, 2007 by Justin Leave a reply »

Well, color me slightly surprised.

As it sits right now Ron Paul has gathered up $2.75 million today. If you check the Ron Paul Graphs site you’ll see that he’s been recieving donations at a pretty steady rate of $200,000 an hour since early this morning:

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The average donation size for today is just south of $100, probably close to $98 if I’m reading the other graph right. If this holds up for the rest of the day, and I figure it will, he’ll be approaching $4 million by midnight eastern standard time.

This is nothing to sneeze at. Howard Dean was pretty well known for his ability to raise money, and his online campaign only managed to net $700,000 in a single day.

“Damn. Wow. Um, that’s pretty awesome,” said a stunned Jerome Armstrong who served as Howard Dean’s online strategist. Armstrong, the founder of the popular blog MyDD, said Dean raised as much as $700,000 in one day toward the end of the primary race. “But not a million,” Armstrong added. “What Paul is doing — or what his supporters are doing — is really impressive.”

Damn straight it’s impressive!

Ron Paul’s funding is increasing.

I’m seeing more signs for him in my area.

Going door to door on Saturday dropping off Ron Paul phamplets I find people that know who he is, and get excited seeing folks handing out his literature. It’s exciting to ask people, “Have you heard about Ron Paul?” and they light right up.

When I met up with my family on Sunday my dad asked me what I was up to lately and mentioned the literature drop off thing. When he heard “Ron Paul” he said quite simply, “Yeah, I’ve heard of that guy. He’s the only one that appears to be making any sense right now.” That’s awesome!

I am excited beyond words right now.

… and in the time it took me to write this post, Ron Paul has now gone from $2.75 million for the day to $2.9 million.

I really think we’ve got a chance here.

UPDATE: Looks like the total sits at $4.2 million. Holy shit!


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  1. Josh says:

    $3,988,669 total for 11/05/2007 as of 12:01AM 11/06/2007 EST.

    Not sure how they handle totals regarding other times zones, but I imagine there is more to come yet tonight from those other time zones.

    RP has over $7 million of the $12 million now.

    I see the potential for the $8 million mark yet tonight.