There’s a First

December 28th, 2007 by Justin Leave a reply »

This evening I took my cell phone bill from a month ago and seperated out business calls from personal calls while filing an expense report. I’ve never done this before because my cell bill has never gone more than $10 over the base rate when using it for business, and I just suck up that cost. However, this one went north of $300 over the base rate, so I’d like to recoup that expense.

I added up the number of minutes I spent on the phone for business related activities and it was over 18 hours. In a single month. That’s almost 1/8th of my time, nearly 1 hour of every work day. That really surprised me.


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  1. scott buist says:

    gday mate just stumbled on your site im in australia and i just typed in buist to see if there was any of us around. anyways you can email me back happy new years all the best in 2008 who knows we most likley related somehow.