Techmedica Indictments

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Full story here.

The indictments, which include 40 separate crimes, are against Charles Thao, Mai Lor, Nutrapha Research, Bio Nutrasource, Tony Pham, Tong Vang, Techmedia Health (also known as Frist Nutrients and K.Y.C.), Shua Vang. The defendants, who were all arrested by Thursday, could face decades in prison or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines.

I got wind of this yesterday through my blog comments. Thanks for keeping me updated, guys.

If you follow the link there’s another link to a PDF of the indictment. I haven’t read it yet, but I suspect it’s quite entertaining.

Looks like this is going to hit the local news too.

Update: Comments are closed. I’m sick of people astroturfing here.



  1. Holly says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the info on Tony Pham. I was going to take a job with this company, but my research brought me to your website and I turned the job down and boy am I glad now. Here’s a link on the indictment from WoodTV

  2. P. Merrill says:

    Hey Justin, not related to Tony Pham at all . . .
    But I thought you’d like this:

    Take care,

  3. G says:


    Very interesting news on our old associate Mr. Pham. Shoot me an e-mail back, I’d like to catch up.

    I was with you when you purchased your first two firearms, in case you don’t know who this is.

    Take care,


  4. Techmed Fraud says:

    They are finally getting their days and soon will be bending for the soap. LOL LOL LOL and being someones buddy. What a great day this is, after these scammers have milked millions from Ronny Milsap and other famous people. Let alone folks in Canada, Africa, Italy, France, England, and many other Countries besides right here in great U.S.A. People never believe ya when you tell them to not due business with them. Well they should of now. Because they were SCAMMED big time. Vicky [last name removed by site owner] and Gary [last name removed by site owner] and Drew and Brent and Tod should also besides the others at Techmedica who knew all along about the corruption and fake scam they were doing. Hope the two guys who bottled this stuff for them will also get a day in court also. Of course they were just told to do it for them. Jump off a bridge now, becuase you scammed people also and could of killed someone. Thanks Justin for a wonder ful blog.

  5. SuperBowlWin says:

    I hope ALL previous and current employees of this company get some fines or jail time. Because if YOU were a previous employee and must have guessed that something illegal was going on… But decided on ‘apathy’, then YOU deserve some jail time too. Forget the sad story about feeding your family. Just look at Hitler and his cronies… On a side note, I wonder how many people bought this supplement and DID actually work for them…. and the ones that DID NOT work for them… It would be interesting to get a list of all their customers and find out the truth.

  6. employee x says:

    Its not fair to blame the underpaid employees of this company who are just trying to keep a steady job in the one state recession that is michigan. Do you really think these people have benifited financially from this company? The truth is many of the employees feel “scammed” by this company also and are finally realizing the scope of this situation. This leads me to believe that who ever is posting hourly employees names on this blog
    have a personal vendetta against said individuals.
    Whether it is CW the molester (fired for using his position of power to intimidate young girls to perform sexual acts)
    ZB (Who was the writer for the indicted pages and also had sexual relations with several employees to further her career until she was fired.)
    or some other disgruntled employee…
    the point is leave the menial employees out of this.
    They are mostly college students that still are not making enough money to “feed there families” and should not be punished.

  7. SuperBowlWin says:

    Yes, it is fair to blame the employees.. You had a choice to work at McDonald with an honest job. But you chose to work for a company that you knew was up to no good. It is like a cocaine dealer where he hires people to package his cocaine… When the FBI bust the operation, they take down EVERYONE…. Because they ALL knew something illegal was occuring and continued… NAME me ONE person that did not know… (gossip would have spread in any work place)… So I can’t wait to see ALL current and previous employees in COURT… to see what they have to say to defend themselves… They can’t act dumb because from the posting we KNOW that they KNEW…

  8. employee x says:

    id also like to say good job on all the years of research that has been done by the likes of mr. buist, techmed fraud and superbowl win. They have done a dilligent job at reporting the facts of a unimportant story that made it to the top of the region section of the grand rapids press for one day! Get a life people! I only can wonder what you are going to do with the rest of your meaningless lives after this all blows over. In the meantime have fun spending all your time writing on a meaningless blog that is no one will ever see. good job losers!

  9. Finished says:

    Even McDonalds sales air in their products.

  10. Mark says:

    More info:
    “The government also said Techmedica created a system designed to deceive investigators that provided “sanitized” versions of the supplement Web sites when they were accessed from government computers, while showing non-government Web shoppers the illegal sites.”


  11. SuperBowlWin says:

    actually McDonald sells the worse kind of drug… it is call fat… which causes obesity.. and leads to type 2 diabetes… and then leads to people buying supplements from Pham… :) so the evil doers are actually McDonald… lmao… I think there was any huge supplement company that just got whack by the government… and had to pay 26 million dollars but no one went to jail… I believe the product was called “airborne”… supposed to help stop cold..

  12. White House to Jail House! says:

    SuperBowlWin, you are right. People have a choice. A choice to get an honest job, a choice to help someone or screw someone. In this case, Thao and his scammers made the choice to screw people. And to the under-paid employee– if you know you are under-paid…and there are a tons of other under-paid jobs in a better environment…yet you made the choice to stay with the crooks and been loyal to them. Unless you are blind or deaf or a robot you know whats going on! Anyone with a common sense would smell a rotten rat from miles away…as the old saying goes!

  13. White House to Jail House! says:

    Justin …keep me post! I am interest in this!

    And the employee!— We got nothing better to do? Are you kidding me!???
    this is BIG news! we must enjoy it! Now he knows how being SCREWED for real feels like!

  14. SuperBowlWin says:

    What is kind of sad about this whole thing is that the supplement probably did help the people who needed them. Of course, every person is different and reacts differently with herbs or supplements. But it would have been better if they went through the proper channel instead of using a SNAKE like Pham. Now, their supplement is tarnished and people who could have benefited from it.. is stuck with so-called FDA approved drugs with their myriads of side effects… It would REALLY be nice to interview customers where this product helped and not helped or had no affect. Because if the product did help a great many people, then it should be supported throught the right channel… But if it turned out to be snake oil, then burn it…

  15. Oh please says:

    Superbowlwin, It is really easy to talk about something you know nothing about. Do you really think the FDA just woke up one day and said “Let’s get Techmedica” I think not. This has been YEARS in the making. Many ex employees HAVE talked to law enforcement about this. You just can’t report them and have the cops come the next day. Proof is required and that takes time. The FDA did not just start this in one day.. it has taken years. Plus Pham does not make it easy when he plays the name games he plays. And the ex employees that talked or wanted to talk? Pham created bogus lawsuits. So it would not only be one thing to lose a job but you would also have to spend money to defend a crap lawsuit. Unless you know an ex employee or was one yourself, you have NO room to talk. Do the world a favor and don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

  16. SuperBowlWin says:

    I take it you are an ex-employee then? If not, then I would suggest you do the same. And if you are an ex-employee, then you should already know that there are plenty of A**HOLE that are owners and managers. It is not illegal to be an A**HOLE (UNFORTUNATELY)… Just look at the housing credit crisis… 1 trillion dollar gone.. and the CEOs of these banks still make 500 million dollars… Now tell me who are the real crooks that escaped jail time… Granted Pham is an A**HOLE and NO ONE knows the real story except for Pham. But NO ONE knows if these supplements really did help or not… Just because Pham who probably managed the aggressive marketing is a snake… It doesn’t prove if the product is liable or not.. only the customers would be able to tell us… which I think it would be interesting to know…

  17. Stacey says:

    I don’t know any of them, but on other forum, there are people who claim to know Thao’s relatives, said he has always been a scam artist and a phony doctor who never went to school.. Base on this you still think his supplement works? It’s all in the mind.. just take a placibo pill.. i’m sure it gives the same effect…

  18. John says:

    Anythings bad about the company you post but any things good about it you don’t you realy are an ass hole

  19. John says:

    Stacey the supplement does work…try it your self…reverse your Diabete or your money back….