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June 25th, 2008 by Justin Leave a reply »

With the Brady Campaign doing their level best to highlight every accidental firearm death in this country on their blog lately I thought I might do a little PSA on trigger locks vs. cable locks.

You know, because I’m actually interested in saving lives instead of just banning guns.

So, below is my 8 minute video on securing a weapon for under $20.

It’s not great, and it might not even be good, but it does illustrate why I hate trigger locks.

Any suggestions y’all have on making better videos would be great. I perched the camera up on a gun cabinet sitting next to my cleaning bench and angled it downward slightly. Given that the camera is off to my right I notice that I cover the gun with my hand a fair amount, but I think I managed to keep it out of the picture enough to illustrate what I was going for.

Some things I wish I had said when recording it:
- I have actually pulled the trigger on a gun with a trigger lock on it. It was a Mosin Nagant 91/30 in a pawn shop. In that case it was on purpose as I was taking the bolt out of the gun. It might have been a good idea to show a gun that a trigger lock wouldn’t actually work on.

- The Glock 21 that I was using wasn’t able to take the trigger lock unless the striker was partially cocked. In that instance you have to put it on a cocked weapon. I don’t like that.

- I neglected to show that a gun with a loaded magazine and a round in the chamber would be rendered safe by application of a cable lock. It’s inferred, but I didn’t spell it out.

- Failed to show the trigger lock on the revolver. That would have permitted me to show that said revolver could be cocked with the damned thing still on there if it wasn’t put on right.

It’s also way too long but I’m not sure what I should have left out. After 30 seconds I was done with my starting script and just improvised. Perhaps I should have stuck with a script the entire way through.


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