Wish I Remembered More…

September 18th, 2008 by Justin Leave a reply »

Had a random memory pop into my head this evening.

In the 6th grade, that’d be around 1991-1992, we had a substitute teacher one day that seemed a bit, well, “not right” at the time. I’d wager he no longer walks this earth, given that he was probably in his mid 70′s at the time.

He started the class with a little mental exercise. He went around the room and have everybody tell him their name and their birthday. He’d then tell them a historically significant event that happened on that day. To this day I remember a classmate’s birthday because it was a) one day before mine and b) it was the day Douglas MacArthur was fired by Truman.

The man knew his history.

He was also prone to ranting a bit during class. I can’t remember what would prompt it, but he’d start in about the Korean War and Vietnam war and remind us how many men lost their lives in those wars “for no good reason.” Looking back in my post, and seeing what year it was, the first Iraq War was probably what had the whole thing on his mind. Given that he’d start in on how he believed Muslims were praying the same God he was praying to, there’s nothing wrong with them as a people, etc. it probably was the Iraq War that had him thinking along those lines.

Tonight I really wish I could remember more of what he was trying to tell us way back then. It’d probably make a whole lot more sense to me know that I’m older.


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  1. Jay G says:

    In the 6th grade, that’d be around 1991-1992


    I was graduating from college!

    Thanks for making me feel OLD, Justin…