Mystery Solved

March 8th, 2010 by Justin Leave a reply »

The Taurus Judge gets a bit of ribbing in the world of gun blogs and I tend to agree that it’s an awfully silly product that leaves gun nuts scratching their heads wondering who the hell is buying these things. I often wonder about their 2.5″ barreled .454 Cassull myself. Just further proof that if it’s a gun of any kind there’s a market for it in the USA. Nothing against Taurus in general, just saying.

Well, ran across a valiant defender of the Judge on Al Gore’s Tubes of Internets the other day. He was touting its awesome ability to fire flechette rounds to defeat body armor, flamethrower rounds*, and best of all that he’s managed to fit a .45-70 round into his and it’ll fire that too!

I sure hope he’s joking. If not, well, now we know what kinda market the Judge is hitting.

*: I can’t imagine anybody actually ever doing that more than once. Cylinder gap anyone?



  1. Wes S. says:

    Taurus Judge: Because it sucks and they hate you.

    (Apologies to Larry Correia)

  2. SPC says:

    Um…..45-70 …..I DON’T THINK SO ! First of all it won’t chamber, second it shoots a .458 diam bullet…..and even if u could chamber it…i’d probably blow up the gun or seriously stretch and fatigue the frame……short version – that guy’s a dumbass….

  3. SPC says:

    BTW….those judge’s sell like hot cakes down here in SW Ohio….They finish off copperheads fast !

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