Well, we’re getting health care reform.

March 22nd, 2010 by Justin Leave a reply »

Well, I did a little reading up on the major bullet points in the bill that the House passed the other day. It’s a little hard for me to get worked up about it because I don’t see it having a negative impact on me, might even be some positive stuff in there. Oh, and nothing that’ll affect my employer either, at least not that I can see.

I do question the sanity of taxing insurance policies, medical equipment, and pharma companies to help fund the thing, though. We’re going to drive down the cost of health care by taxing health care? Stellar plan, guys.

The last one in particular boggles the mind. The same government that grants pharma companies a complete lock on a new drug for 17 years (I think) is going to make them pay fees and they really think they’re just going to absorb that cost? Psh. If you’re on Lipitor, and many other drugs, you can’t just go to their competition if they try and pass the costs down to you. You’re stuck. It’s either that or Cheerios. It wins the Democrats points for standing up to “big pharma” though. Good plan, shove a needle into the eyes of the companies coming out with drugs that keep us living longer.

You can find an immediate impact analysis over at The Liberty Papers by Brad. I was nodding my head the entire time I read it. His take seems about right to me.



  1. Abject_Disappointment says:

    “… I don’t see it having a negative impact on me…”

    I have to disagree with you. Losing my ability to make choices for myself, and instead being told what to do does have a negative impact on me. Being forced to pay further taxes has a negative effect on me. The Government getting further entrenched into a segment of the economy has a negative effect on me.


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