Officer Super Friendly

April 20th, 2010 by Justin Leave a reply »

89 year old woman pulls a .22 caliber revolver on a home intruder, fires, misses, and he flees.

Ok, that’s all good, only problem I have with her missing is we don’t know where the bullet finally landed but it seems to have caused no harm so we’re cool there.

Police show up and what do they do?

“This is a .22. And the police reloaded it for me,” said Turner.

More police like this, please! “Oh, you shot at a guy? Here, let me take that gun and put some more ammo in it for you as thanks for your community service.”

Also, they caught the guy. Thumbs up all around to everybody involved. Well, aside from the asshat that tried breaking down her door. He’s a dick that’s lucky to not have .22″ holes in him.



  1. Windy Wilson says:

    Win win win all around! Well, the goblin might not think so right now, but he’s a lucky miscreant indeed, to not have any extra holes of any caliber.

  2. Todd says:

    If it’s a .22 I’m sure the bullet landed somewhere around her mailbox… Probably good that she is wielding a smaller gun for sure..